Power of Pyramids: Pyramid Energy Products & Pyramid Sleep Systems
Home of the original "Mother Ship" Sleep System
Power of Pyramids: Pyramid Energy Products & Pyramid Sleep Systems
Here are the primary models of Nick's Pyramid systems.  Dealership Inquiries Invited. 
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New 9.1 Pyramid Grid with Acrylic Mirror - doubles the output of energy

Pyramid "Mother Ship" Sleep System -  Largest base pyramid available

Pyramid Matrix Sleep Systems - Grid system for sleeping; customizations available

Pryamid Crystals - Two 10" pyramids base to base; ideal for desk or tabletop

Pyramid Dream Machine -  Three 10" pyramids base to base ideal for sleeping or as mobile 

Pyramid Generators - 10" through 30" models; open design with platform

Nubian Pyramids - New Nubian Pyramids were designed and developed by Nick Edwards and Dr. Patrick Flanagan to be the most powerful on the planet.

Pyramid Jewelry Back by popular demand! We have a limited quantity of this highly sought metaphysical jewelry item including the Moldavite Pyramid Pendant and the Sensor V.

Supplementary Pyramid Products - Compasses and Pyramid book
ARKATRON is the first re-creation of the Biblical "Ark of the Covenant” of Moses.  Ark or arc means the same thing - a SEGMENT of a CIRCLE.  The Arkatron is made of tubular ARCS in the ratios of 3 by 3 by 5 - which forms an incredibly powerful “SPHERE”  based on the same ratios of the Ark of the Covenant given to Moses by his God.  The Ark of Moses had UNLIMITED POWER.
Check out Nick's latest invention the "Arkatron"at the Pyramid Store!