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Nick's 42.5 "Mothership" Sleep System

Our Pyramid energy products, including the renowned Pyramid Sleep Systems, are the worldís finest Pyramid Products since 1975.  Increase energy and health with a unique Power Of Pyramids product.
Did you know that Egyptian civilization was one of the greatest and longest lived in the ancient world, lasting for over three thousand years?  Foremost among their achievements was the construction of the pyramids. Now, thousands of years later, this civilization still continues to educate and intrigue.
Here we offer you an opportunity to experience the remarkable energy and power of the pyramids.  Products range from personally sized pyramid energy generators to full sized matrix sleep systems.  Custom sizes are available for most applications.

Pyramid energy products and the Pyramid Sleep Systems are the creations of Nick Edwards: artist, filmmaker, actor, spiritualist.
Nick's Totems and 10" Pyramid

All of Nick's pyramid products are naturally energized in an environment of peace and tranquility in a setting of earth, trees, river and rock in the middle of a national forest. Then each product is electrically charged by a one million volt Tesla Coil. Experience the Power of the Pyramids for abundant life energy.

This simple geometic shape has been known to induce relaxation and restorative sleep.

The remarkable sacred geometry of this shape has Rejuvenation Effects to living cells and increases Psychic Powers and Altered States of Meditation.

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5 Million Volt Pyramid Charger.

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